Elastomania GrayFace

GrayFace.lgr v1.2

This is a replacement for default.lgr. The palette is the same, so you can change any element you don't like to that of default.lgr with EasyLgr.
Textures have approximately similar colors, only the ground texture color was changed to make levels without graphics look better. Sky texture is the same as in default.lgr, but now it loops vertically and it's converted to palette with high quality.
All decorative parts of the biker are made transparent. Head is made round and killers are round too. This makes you see their boundaries well.
All objects kept their shapes, except the flag.
New objects, masks and 2 textures are added.
 Zoom   1.00 1.75
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 Hollow (for balles)  
Download the variant closest to your Zoom level and turn off Zoom Textures in ElmaConf12.exe

Also, be sure to play x-moto.